6 Topics to Consider for the First Time Meeting

A sugar daddy and a sugar baby is dining happily

You decided to take the relationship you have with your sugar daddy to the next level and meet in real life for the first time? In this case, besides working out on your apparel and aspect, you will also have to think about the things you will talk about. No one wants to deal with those awkward moments of silence during a meeting. They may happen, but only if you don’t know what to say or what subject to bring forward.

How to avoid moments of silence and ensure the success of your first-time meeting? As a sugar baby, you should know that being able to make proper conversation is an ability that will certainly be appreciated by your sugar daddy. So, before you even head out to your meeting, here are several topics that should be prepared to keep the meeting going and ensure its success. After all, if your sugar daddy will feel good in your company, he will want to see you again soon.

1. See what kind of hobbies you have

Talking about hobbies is always a good thing. People love talking about the things they enjoy doing in their spare time, so this kind of topic can definitely be an ice breaker. Believe it or not, talking about your hobbies or the things you would like to become your hobby can give you a good excuse to enjoy a second date. So, while the first meeting it’s recommended to take place in a more formal manner, the second time you meet you could very well enjoy something more fun. Also, if you talk about hobbies you will discover the things you have in common.

2. Talk about work

It is easy to talk about something that is so familiar. Work is usually very important for sugar daddies, as their work got them where they are now, and that is prosperous and successful men. So, don’t be surprised if you’ll find out that your sugar daddy works hard and faces a busy schedule most of the time. This is why you need to be patient when dating a sugar daddy because we won’t be able to meet you whenever you may like.

Opening up this subject will certainly keep the conversation flowing and will give you the chance to better understand what your sugar daddy is doing. Who knows, maybe he’s working in an environment that may help your future career. Plus, giving your sugar daddy the chance to talk about his work with you will make him feel comfortable and important. Also, by paying attention to what he has to say will stir appreciation and admiration in your sugar daddy, as he will enjoy the fact that you’re interested in his most important activity.

3. If you know a funny story, don’t keep it to yourself

In case something funny or worthy of mentioning happened to you lately, make sure not to keep it for yourself. Maybe you got to live a funny event or you just returned from a very interesting trip. Such topics are always a good idea for a first-time meeting, as they are light, pleasant, and will bring smiles to both of you. So, don’t be afraid to lead the conversation and tell the story as you would to one of your friends. After all, it’s good to remember that a first meeting is not all about asking questions. You wouldn’t like for your sugar daddy to feel like during an interview or interrogatory.

So, if you know a story worthy of bringing up during your meeting, don’t hesitate to lighten up the atmosphere with its help. Also, this works the other way around. If your sugar daddy brought up something interesting along with the conversation but didn’t get the chance to develop it further, make sure to bring it back into the conversation. Topics that make you laugh and give you the chance to enjoy a great time are indeed the best choices you can make.

4. Talk about pets, if you have any

If any of you has a pet, or more, talking about your furry friend is also a good idea. Most pet owners are very attached to their pets and will love talking about them. They are real members of the family and loyal companions, so you have more than enough reasons to bring them up in your conversation. Your sugar daddy doesn’t have a pet? That’s probably due to his busy schedule or often traveling. But, even so, you could ask him what kind of pet he would like to have if things were different.

5. What got you on a sugar daddy dating website in the first place?

This is also a legit subject to approach at your first meeting. It may be interesting to find out and share the reasons both of you ended up using a sugar daddy website. Of course, bear in mind that there’s the possibility for your sugar daddy to avoid answering this question. He may have the sensation that you’ll judge if you find out the reasons behind making such a choice. So, if he doesn’t want to go further with this question, it’s okay, you should not insist on it. If you two get along and everything is going on as expected and desired, there’s no need to worry.

Even if your sugar daddy won’t open up on this subject, you could, as this will make them feel more comfortable. Sharing the reasons for making such a choice is not wrong because being honest and genuine will be appreciated. So, don’t hesitate to show that side of you, allowing your sugar daddy to get you to know you better.

6. If possible, talk about future plans

When we say future plans, we’re not talking about where you see yourself five years from now. We’re talking about near-future plans. For example, if you’re meeting at the beginning of the week or during the weekend, you could ask about plans for the coming week. If you’re close to the weekend, you could talk about plans for the weekend. This way you will find out more about friends and lifestyle, checking out, at the same time, if you two really match.

How to Prepare for Meeting a Real Sugar Daddy for The First Time

the first meeting in a restaurant

You decided to become a sugar baby and have a mature and successful man take care of you as you truly deserve? Well, in this case, we have to congratulate you. At the same time, we would like to offer some guidance, so that your first steps and decisions as a sugar baby will bring only benefits into your life. Yes, being a sugar baby doesn’t seem to be that hard, but the truth is that you will have to deposit some efforts to keep your sugar daddy around. You see, sugar daddies are more than willing to invest time and resources in their sugar babies, but they will have some expectancies in return.

While we are certain you have the charm and presence to help you out when meeting your sugar daddy for the first time, here are several essential aspects you should consider.

  • Background research is always recommended

Although the sugar daddy and sugar baby dating scene seems like a secure one, it is always recommended to do proper background research regarding the sugar daddy you are about to meet. The goal is to see if the person behind the sugar daddy profile is indeed real. Believe it or not, there are people who try to take advantage by creating fake profiles. Also, if you’re gut feeling is sensing something strange or awkward, then that’s probably true. So, for your well-being and safety, you should avoid meeting with people that are not making you feel comfortable.

  • Choose your meeting location well

Because we are talking about a first meeting, you need to play it save. You never know who is truly behind those charming profile photos and even if your background check turned out okay, it is still worth taking no chances. So, when choosing the location of your meeting, make sure it is a public one. Under no circumstances accept meeting your sugar daddy in a hotel room or private retreat. Don’t be scared or ashamed to refuse such invitations.

If the sugar daddy won’t accept meeting you in a public location, then you’ll just have to find another sugar daddy that is willing to accept your conditions as well. Also, have your own mean of transportation to the set location. And, don’t forget to let a friend know where you go and with whom, out of safety reasons. Until you meet this person, you should take good care of yourself.

  • Do your best to impress with your outfit

Let us not forget that men rely very much on their sense of sight. They will always appreciate a woman that looks good and is presentable. So, choose your outfit well for this occasion. Of course, avoid being too sexy and provocative, because you may be sending the wrong kind of message. Your sugar daddy will believe that you’re easy-going, so you may end up facing rather indecent proposals in a very short period. In conclusion, go for an outfit that is feminine and will compliment your body, but without giving away too much.

  • Make the conversation interesting and pleasant

Sugar daddies appreciate a sugar baby who is capable of maintaining an interesting, smart, and fun conversation. Because moments of awkward silence may occur at your first meeting, you should think about the topics you could talk about and avoid these moments from happening. A recommendation would be to talk to your sugar daddy in the same manner you would with a friend of yours. So, you could ask him how his day went by and move along from there. You could also consider telling a fun anecdote or anything that may be worthy of mentioning.

You should not forget to maintain eye contact during the conversation. So, looking elsewhere or using your mobile gadget is a big no. Also, don’t forget to smile as often as possible and laugh a lot. Everybody enjoys the presence of a happy and positive person, so make sure to be one around your sugar daddy. As a tip, try not to make the conversation revolve around your person. If your sugar daddy asks questions about you, wishing to know you better, you can answer them. Otherwise, it would be a good idea to show that you’re interested in his life and his person. Ideally, toward the end of the conversation, you should talk about the terms of your arrangement so that each of you is happy.

  • Be genuine, honest, and direct

Most certainly you want to do your best to impress your sugar daddy. However, make sure you’re not overdoing it. Just be yourself, a warm and friendly person without exaggerating with your laughter, voice tone, and reactions. Be relaxed and comfortable, just like when meeting one of your friends. If you try too hard, it will be visible and that might make your sugar daddy a bit uncomfortable.

Also, it may be worth keeping in mind that a sugar daddy is usually a very busy person. He may have businesses to handle because success and fortune don’t come easy at all. So, don’t cut the corners when dealing with him. Be direct when it comes to what you want and how you see things working out. Of course, listen to his terms as well and see whether you can respect them. After all, we are talking about a mutual agreement.

  • Make the sugar daddy feel comfortable in your presence

The success of a first meeting depends on whether you two feel comfortable in the presence of each other. While it is normal to feel a certain degree of nervousness, do not allow it to take over your meeting. If you feel nervous, your sugar daddy will feel as well, and the meeting may not come out as expected. So, take the time to relax before the meeting and do your best to maintain the same mindset during the meeting as well.

  • End the meeting by making him wanting more time with you

Considering that this is just a first date, you shouldn’t stay out for too long. Even if the date is going great and you’re having a great time together, don’t take it longer than an hour or two. If things are going great between the two of you, your sugar daddy may suggest continuing the date, but it would be better to end the date without pursuing his proposal. The idea is to make him want to see you again soon. Also, a sugar baby, your time is precious, so you should not give it away too easily, especially if you two haven’t set all the terms of your arrangement.