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Sugar daddy dating has quickly become the rage in society today. Financially buoyant older men who are looking for a relationship without all the drama and hassle go for this option.

Relationships are so old school. Having a mutually beneficial business arrangement with beautiful ladies is the new thing. 

 Before deciding to become a sugar daddy, you need to know quite a few things. Ready? Let’s begin!

Who is a Sugar Daddy? 

A Sugar Daddy

A sugar daddy is usually an older man who is financially buoyant and can afford to take care of the needs of his sugar baby in exchange for affection and intimacy. Many people often mistake sugar daddy relationships with prostitution and escort services. Both aren’t remotely the same kinds of relationships.

Why? Sugar daddies have a relationship with their sugar babies. They give them gifts and money to take care of them in response to their care of him.

How does the Sugar Daddy Relationship Work?

In a typical sugar daddy relationship, the sugar daddy plays the role of a fatherly figure, albeit a romantic one. He cares for the needs of his sugar baby, which includes but isn’t limited to paying her bills and giving her money. In return, the sugar baby takes care of the sugar daddy by either intimacy or companionship.

3 Qualities of a Good Sugar Daddy 

Having money is vital if you want to be a sugar daddy. But then there is more to every relationship than being able to take care of your partner’s needs. Even the richest sugar daddy won’t enjoy good relations with every sugar baby he has if he doesn’t have the following qualities.

1. Respect

The Sugar Daddy Relationship is built on a foundation of mutual respect. The Sugar baby respects the choices and preferences of the sugar daddy, and he does the same for her. If this respect exists in their relationship, they will last longer as a couple.

As a sugar daddy, you should never make your sugar baby feel bad or disrespected because you pay for her time. It’s a business arrangement between both parties for mutual pleasure, and mutual respect is integral

2. Communication

Just like every relationship, the sugar daddy relationship demands communication and openness. Every sugar daddy has to have excellent communication skills to avoid easily avoidable issues.

Communication is even more important when you have a new sugar baby because you are both trying to understand yourselves. Your new sugar baby might feel guarded around you for the first few months. And it is your duty as her sugar daddy to open up active lines of communication between you.

Communication helps you know your sugar baby’s needs as well as lets her know your own needs.

3. Patience and Understanding

A sugar daddy needs to be patient and understanding with his sugar baby. Most sugar babies are young and would make mistakes in the course of your relationship. New sugar babies are even more prone to these mistakes.

As the older one in your relationship, you should be patient and understanding of her age and inexperience. It is up to you to teach your sugar baby all she needs to know about pleasing you, and without patience, that task would be left unfulfilled.

Things to do Before Becoming a Sugar Daddy

You need to consider some things before going into the sugar daddy dating lifestyle with all enthusiasm. These things include: 

  • Your financial situation
  • What you want out of a sugar daddy relationship
  • Qualities you want in your sugar baby 
  • The right Sugar Daddy meet agency to use 
  • What should be on your profile 
  • How to pick the right Sugar baby for you

How to Be a Good Sugar Daddy

A sugar baby sits on the legs of a sugar daddy

It isn’t just about having money to take care of a sugar baby’s needs; there is a lot more effort that goes into being not just a sugar daddy but a good one.

1. Don’t break the Sugar Daddy Relationship Rules 

Some rules guide the sugar daddy dating. Sugar daddy dating, just like every other traditional relationship functions better on a few rules that might be grounds for an exit from the relationship by either party. 

The sugar daddy dating rule book contains set rules that both parties have to agree to and abide by for the duration of their relationship. Ignoring any of the rules on the sugar daddy dating relationship can be grounds for ending the relationship.

2. Be attentive and understanding 

There is never too much attention for a sugar baby provided that the attention is healthy. Nothing makes a sugar baby more secure in her relationship than an attentive and understanding sugar daddy.

The benefits go both ways a sugar baby who is receiving enough attention and understanding would give the same back to her sugar daddy. Pay attention to her moods, which makes her happy or sad, and take care of her problems. Your sugar baby won’t be able to get enough of you.

3. Don’t make Your Sugar Baby Uncomfortable

Some Sugar daddies end up making their sugar babies feel very comfortable either with their demands or by the way they treat them. No good sugar daddy ever makes his sugar baby uncomfortable. On the contrary, good sugar daddies try hard to see that their sugar babies feel very comfortable with them.

If your sugar baby feels relaxed with you, she’ll tell you things about her life. This would create a deeper bond between you and make your relationship even more enjoyable. Comfortable sugar babies also go the extra mile to see to it that their sugar daddies are also as comfortable as they have been made.  

4. Buy Her Gifts

What are the magic words for a great sugar daddy dating relationship? Gifts, gifts, and more gifts. In addition to taking care of her bills and giving her money for her upkeep, buy her surprise gifts. These gifts make her feel special and cared for, and you, a great sugar daddy. 

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