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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Do’s and Don’ts of dating an older man

Older man and younger woman on patio square
Do you know older man younger woman relationships? Are you dating an older man or planning to get your toes dipped into mature waters? Well, if the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. This article will give all the information you require for a successful age gap relationship. Nevertheless, it still depends on you and your partner where you want to see the relationship 10 or even 20 years down the line.
If you are in your late 20s or early 30s, these guidelines will certainly help you.
The Do’s:
  • Learn from your man: Your mature partner might play the “when I was your age” card very often. Instead of getting frustrated, try learning from his life experiences. Don’t get offended by his opinions as he longs for your betterment.
  • Appreciate his looks: Acknowledge the fact that men get better looking with age. Remember that you will always hot, younger partner / girlfriend to him.
  • Show love and affection but never give him a love name, based on his age or appearance. No man in the world would like to be called a “sexy silver fox”. Take your time to understand him and then give him a name, only if necessary. It would be great if you could avoid naming him.
  • Go with the flow: Treat the relationship the same way as you would do with any guy of your age. There is already a great deal of pressure when it comes to age gap dating and there is no need to boost up the pressure by making him feel that he is old. Just go with the flow.
The Don’ts:
  • Never make a remark that relates to his age: Do not say that you love his grey chest hair. In addition, don’t ask about his health. You have to be extremely cautious, particularly during the initial stages of a relationship.
  • Don’t make him feel older: Avoid giving examples of incidents that make him feel older than he actually is. Saying that you were born in the same year as he had completed his 10th grade would be offensive.
  • Don’t always assume that he is here for sex: Although there are many out there who would treat you as fresh meat and a viable sex toy, there are several others who seek serious relationship. They require someone to share their thoughts with and simply have a good time together.
  • Never give references he cannot understand: Don’t give reference to a Linkin Park song that you had listened to a while ago. His tastes might be quite different from yours. Always try to find a common interest and use it effectively during your interactions.
Following the aforementioned guidelines will ensure your relationship is successful and doesn’t see an early ending.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Why are more and more sugar daddies seeking sugar babies?

A sugar daddy is a rich, older man who offers financial and professional support to dependent females in exchange of companionship and sexual favors. Although being rich attracts a large number of females, being a sugar daddy requires one to maintain a balance between expectations and commitment.

The best thing about sugar daddy dating is that you don’t have to fulfill any commitment. Sugar babies are aware of the fact that such relationships are based on mutual convenience. She receives goodies as long as she keeps the sugar daddy happy. This means that he doesn’t have to shoulder the responsibilities that come with a committed relationship. This is, in fact, an attractive scheme for many older men who are already married and have grown – up kids.

Sugar daddies are individuals who have achieved a great deal of success in their field of work. These are the men who run companies and are a part of the top – level management and don’t have time to nurture a long – term relationship. A sugar daddy relationship suits such individuals as their partners already understand the mutual benefits and no additional time has to be spent to increase their fondness for each other.

Furthermore, sugar daddies feel good to hang out with someone who is younger to them and also attractive. Men who seek sugar babies are usually at that stage of their lives when they have to be reassured of their masculinity. This can be considered as a sort of an ego – booster.

There is one negative aspect of younger women dating partners of the same age group – their partners lack the financial resources to lead a happy life. As a matter of fact, younger men are arrogant and over – confident about their sex appeal. On the other hand, old and richer men are by far a safe bet when it comes to dating.

Sugar daddysugar baby relationships are great particularly when the older male has a taste for sports. It is very unlikely that a woman of the same age might show the same enthusiasm for a particular sport. On the contrary, younger women show more interest in sports and are physically fit to play.

Sugar daddies who have spent their entire life striving towards success and minting money might feel the urge to engage in a sexual relationship. This is not always possible with an older female partner. Wealthy men often seek young sugar babies to quench their sexual desires. In return, females are given immense financial support. Besides, young women have an opportunity to lead a tension – free life in the lap of luxury.

This is exactly why more and more older men seeking sugar babies. The lack of commitment added to the convenience of a young and active companion is the major reason behind the success of these relationships.