Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Is it the First Choice That Girls Marry Rich Men No Matter in America or China?

The word "girl" has been dissimilated in China. All the unmarried ladies can be called "girl", even if they are more than 30 years old. One of my Chinese girl friends is such a girl. Her mother has strict requirement on her mate. The first requirement is that he must have a house without loan. The girl herself of course also has some requirement on guys. He must be tall and handsome. She was finally left over as time passes by.

Girls in America also marry lately. According to they survey made by "the knot Inc" on 19,000 new couples who married on the year of 2010, the bridegrooms are 31 years old, the brides are 29 years old. The American girls marry on 29 because they have to finish the undergraduate even postgraduate study not due to the “house without loan”. So what’s the spouse choosing criterion of American girls.

They are also such girls who earn moneys depend on youth and beauty. The average-looking girl can earn 3000-5000 dollars per month, almost equal to monthly salary of American young guys. The gorgeous ones ask ten of thousands of dollars per month. The men who are willing to spend moneys to spoil the girls are called "sugar daddy", they are mostly old men. There are also "women seeking men", "men seeking women", "women seeking women", "men seeking men" relationships on American sites and medias. In the relationship of "women seeking men", they are seeking spouse seriously. They claim clearly that no "one night stand", no "mistress seeking", no "friends with benefits". The serious girls are seeking marriage friends. Browsing some of their public profiles, they have quite simple requirements but each have different emphases, such as a generally good man, honesty, a sense of humor is a must, must be no smoker and drug-free, between the age of 28-40, over 5-10 height but no one mentions the house.

The reasons of different spouse choosing criterion was called can be found in the two countries' social background. The extent of men and women equality is much higher than China. In their eyes, men and women should share the responsibility. Everything should be equal. Not like in China, the society has distributed many "should-be" roles to men and women. In America, only one thing is "should-be", men should raise women when they give birth children, the reason is simple, women can't let men give birth children. So men should bear the living cost independently.

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