Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sugar Daddy Dating - How to Get a Sugar Daddy

Sugar daddies can make the best pen pals. Think about it; if you had a sugar daddy pen pal, you could please them with your wit and charm without being physically intimate. Yet even though it's possible to have a 'writing arrangement' with a sugar daddy, in most cases, words are just the background to the full picture a sugar baby geisha paints. The ways sugar folk write each other is unique and unusual, it's not considered normal to discuss both the beginning and the ending of a relationship before it starts. In fact, the very idea of negotiating a relationship in upfront and honest terms is troublesome for many.

The fact is, when it comes to sugar daddies and babies, the power of words is just as important as physical attraction - we're not talking about escorts and Johns, we're talking about real people being honest about their relationship expectations. Plenty of sugar daddies and sugar babies seek marriage, but choose to date as sugars to speed up the process of adjusting, finding out what the others honest expectations are from the start. When 2 sugars marry, a very rare and special type of union is formed - a sugarmony. This type of bond is possibly the most satisfying and happy of marriages. Both individuals are keenly aware of the others wants and are comfortable being honest with each other about them.

Before you meet your sugar daddy or sugar baby, you're bound to write them at least one note. No matter what, never keep a sugar waiting; if you get a message from a potential sugar daddy or sugar baby, always write them back within 12 but no later than 24 hours of them sending the message. Don't forget that this is part dating, and part work - especially for sugar babies - so try being a little professional during the pre-arrangement phase. Trust me, they'll be plenty of fun sugar times ahead!

Start with Something Sweet: Maybe it's something you liked in their profile?

Be Concise: If you like them say it, and write them your proposed arrangement.

Set a date: Try to avoid endless emails by setting a 1st date at a safe place.

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