Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Female University Students keen on finding a Sugar Daddy

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Below are the college lists in which sugar baby increase quickly.

1. Georgia State University 292
2. New York University 285
3. Temple University 268
4. University of Central Florida 221
5. University of South Florida 212
6. Arizona State University 204
7. Florida International University 187
8. University of Georgia 148
9. Indiana University 131
10. Texas State 128
11. Kent State University 123
12. Penn State 121
13. University of North Texas 112
14. Florida State University 111
15.Tulane University 109
16. Michigan State University 108
17. Ohio University 103
18. Columbia University 100
19. University of Alabama 96
20. University of California Los Angeles 91

Surveyed by SugarBabyMeet.com.