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AustralianSugarDaddy.com – the best place to meet genuine sugar daddies in Australia

sugar daddy and sugar babies in Australia

The convenience and advantages of a sugar daddy relationship have made it one of the most popular dating segments across the globe. Australia has emerged as a hub for wealthy men, with cities like Melbourne and Sydney having the largest populations of sugar daddies and sugar babies.

Due to the exponential growth of this segment, many dating services have come up to cater to the needs of those seeking a mutually beneficial relationship minus the commitment. In the pursuit of becoming the top service, many websites have introduced some path – breaking features. However, if you are looking for a sugar daddy or sugar baby there are not many that can beat AustralianSugarDaddy.com in this segment.

The platform has everything that one would expect from a dating website. From an easy to navigate membership base to logical implementation of features, the site leaves no scope of any complaints. The makers of the site have thoughtfully encompassed all the critical features that would facilitate users to interact with people whom they find interesting.

Since inception, the site has thrived on innovation and state of the art technology to help users find their ideal match. In fact, every feature on this site has been tailored to meet the needs of people seeking a sugar relationship. Users who wish to join the community can either opt for a standard membership or gold membership, depending on their requirements.

Although the standard membership of the site gives access to most of the features, their access remains limited. For instance, free members are allowed to make a comprehensive profile, add pictures, search for other members based on their preferences and send flirts, but they are not permitted to initiate a conversation with other members. Nevertheless, they still have the liberty of responding to emails received from paid users.

In addition, the site also features the blog and forums page, which provides users a larger platform to convey their opinions. Like most dating sites in this segment, the site gives users the freedom of tweaking privacy options so as to control who they wish to connect with. Besides, they can also report a user for suspicious activity.

In fact, the sheer membership strength on this site makes it one of the leading platforms of sugar daddy dating in Australia. According to experts, a drastic increase in the sugar daddy population in major Australian cities has contributed to a rise in sugar babies too. These are said to be healthy trends and show the ongoing paradigm shift in the country.

AustralianSugarDaddy.com maintains a delicate balance between usability and user experience, a factor that has eventually played a significant role in the growth of the site.

World’s largest Sugar Daddy site to launch in Vancouver

Sugar daddy in Vancouver kiss a sugar baby
Sugar daddy in Vancouver kiss a sugar baby

Sugar Daddy Vancouver strives to promote Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby relationships. With multitudinous features available to both standard as well as premium users, this is sure to be the next big thing in the domain of sugar daddy dating in Vancouver.

World’s largest website for sugar daddy – sugar baby dating, SugarDaddyMeet.com is all set to expand its portfolio with the launch of a new website. The brand new platform namely SugarDaddyVancouver.Ca takes the legacy ahead with ground – breaking features that aim to take online sugar daddy dating to a whole new level.

When asked for a reason behind choosing Vancouver as their next destination, a spokesperson from the website said, “We had done a great deal of research pertaining to sugar daddy relationships. According to the inputs we received, Vancouver emerged as the Sugar Daddy capital of Canada. Could you find a better reason to start this here?”

“We have specialized in bring together sugar daddies and sugar babies for over 13 years and we attempt to carry this success on the Canadian soil too”, he added. Rightly said, the success of this website is unparalleled in the online sugar daddy – sugar baby industry. This website’s anti – scammer policies too are worth praising.

The process of member verification is so stringent and elaborate that there are no chances of any fake profiles on the website. All members are genuine and users can be sure of interacting with them, which is not the case with most websites on the web today. Membership is offered in two flavors – standard (Free) and premium (Gold).

Each of the membership variants gives users access to a different set of features. While gold or premium users get unrestricted access to a wide array of features, access to standard users is limited to creating a comprehensive profile, browsing through members profiles and using the basic search feature. The basic search allows members to find members based on parameters like age, sex and region among others.

On the other hand, the advanced search is a step ahead and allows users to find members based on several criteria such as ethnicity, race, province and horoscope among others. For those who are really interested in finding a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, gold membership is recommended. The major advantage of a premium membership is that is opens up a plethora of options thereby assisting in connecting with other members better. Navigating on the website is a cake walk and novice users wouldn’t have issues in learning how to use the various features available on the website.

SugarDaddyVancouver.Ca aims to change the game with its launch in Canadian Sugar daddy hub – Vancouver. Building a free profile is easy and communicating with other members is simple thanks to a host of connectivity options on the website. This one is definitely here to stay for a long while.

Vancouver best place to find a sugar daddy: Survey

People of Vancouver are in for some good news. A recent survey has revealed that the city is the best place to find a sugar daddy. The third largest Canadian city and the 4th most populous city in North America has always been considered among the top contenders for the best sugar daddy destinations in the world.

CEO of SugarDaddyVancouver.ca said during a press meet earlier this month, “We are very pleased to see the growth of the sugar daddy dating industry in Canada. I remember people telling me that there is no scope of sugar dating in Canada, when I launched the website. However, to everyone’s surprise, this domain has shown remarkable growth in the recent years.”

Sugar Daddy Vancouver has been a pioneer in sugar daddy dating industry in Canada. The company’s research and development teams have given impetus to innovation and have strived to enrich the user experience of the website. According to recent surveys, the website has managed to succeed in helping people of Canada find a prospective partner.

For those who aren’t aware of the concept of sugar daddy – sugar baby dating, sugar dating basically revolves around the idea of mutually beneficial relationships. This means that an attractive women (sugar baby) shows willingness to offer companionship to an older man (sugar daddy) in return for money, perks and sometimes a lavish lifestyle too.

This kind of relationship has witnessed an immense growth in popularity in the recent years, mainly due to the open – mindedness of people. In fact, women don’t mind hanging out with older men who are successful and wealthy in order to get some benefits. Furthermore, a study has shown that women prefer dating older men to younger men due to their financial stability, mature attitude and a different outlook towards life.

Relationship expert Alisha said in an exclusive interview with a leading media group, “Youngsters today are very different from what people were 15 – 20 years ago. They don’t mind the company of an individual who is even 2 decades elder to them as long as the two develop a strong bonding and have a decent level of understanding. Moreover, I have seen the society becoming more tolerant towards it and people have begun to accept such relationships.”

Industry experts feel that this has encouraged people to get into sugar daddy – sugar baby type of relationship. There have been several cases where a sugar daddy and sugar baby decided to convert the mutually beneficial relationship into marriage. “Websites like SugarDaddyVancouver.ca have eliminated the kind of hesitation people once had with regard to dating”, said Alisha.

The website has brought together many sugar daddies and sugar babies till date and current trends suggest that the website is here to stay for a long while.

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Why are more and more sugar daddies seeking sugar babies?

A sugar daddy is a rich, older man who offers financial and professional support to dependent females in exchange of companionship and sexual favors. Although being rich attracts a large number of females, being a sugar daddy requires one to maintain a balance between expectations and commitment.

The best thing about sugar daddy dating is that you don’t have to fulfill any commitment. Sugar babies are aware of the fact that such relationships are based on mutual convenience. She receives goodies as long as she keeps the sugar daddy happy. This means that he doesn’t have to shoulder the responsibilities that come with a committed relationship. This is, in fact, an attractive scheme for many older men who are already married and have grown – up kids.

Sugar daddies are individuals who have achieved a great deal of success in their field of work. These are the men who run companies and are a part of the top – level management and don’t have time to nurture a long – term relationship. A sugar daddy relationship suits such individuals as their partners already understand the mutual benefits and no additional time has to be spent to increase their fondness for each other.

Furthermore, sugar daddies feel good to hang out with someone who is younger to them and also attractive. Men who seek sugar babies are usually at that stage of their lives when they have to be reassured of their masculinity. This can be considered as a sort of an ego – booster.

There is one negative aspect of younger women dating partners of the same age group – their partners lack the financial resources to lead a happy life. As a matter of fact, younger men are arrogant and over – confident about their sex appeal. On the other hand, old and richer men are by far a safe bet when it comes to dating.

Sugar daddysugar baby relationships are great particularly when the older male has a taste for sports. It is very unlikely that a woman of the same age might show the same enthusiasm for a particular sport. On the contrary, younger women show more interest in sports and are physically fit to play.

Sugar daddies who have spent their entire life striving towards success and minting money might feel the urge to engage in a sexual relationship. This is not always possible with an older female partner. Wealthy men often seek young sugar babies to quench their sexual desires. In return, females are given immense financial support. Besides, young women have an opportunity to lead a tension – free life in the lap of luxury.

This is exactly why more and more older men seeking sugar babies. The lack of commitment added to the convenience of a young and active companion is the major reason behind the success of these relationships.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A New Online Platform Created for Bringing Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies Together

SugarBabyMeet.com is a new online platform where young girls can find a number of good-looking and capable sugar daddies for dating. At the same time, the website allows mature people to date younger girls for fun and companionship. 

Cheers! My sugar babies!

Ontario, Canada, April 17, 2014 – The Great Philosopher, Aristotle has said, “Man is a social animal.” We believe what he had said and we know how human beings love to meet and mingle with each other and develop relationships to fulfill each other’s different types of needs. Based on this old and well-acknowledged notion, a new website SugarBabyMeet.com has been created allowing men and women to come together to develop a healthy, friendly and mutually-beneficial and loving relationship. 

The website is a platform where young girls can meet their sugar daddies and can add some luxuries and comfort to their lives. A number of rich, good-looking and capable men are the members of the site and a girl can approach them to foster a loving and beneficial relationship. The site allows a free sign up for both girls and men and registered members can enjoy the full features of the website. The site makes age-gap dating successful and helps meet the dating purpose of both the genders. 

The concept of sugar daddy is not widely acceptable in the civilized society. This is the reason why it often becomes challenging to find a sugar daddy or a sugar baby in the real world. On the other hand, the internet world provides a complete unanimity to the users and helps in fostering a relationship in a rather practical manner. The spokesperson of SugarBabyMeet.com reveals that they protect the privacy of their members and only mutually interested men and girls can approach each other to develop their relationships. 

According to him, sugar babies can rest assured about their safety and unanimity and can start sugardaddy dating in a safe and pleasurable environment. The website has a large database of both beautiful girls and capable men, and they have an online search tool to quickly find profiles in a preferred age range and from a chosen locality. Anyone can take advantage of this wonderful online platform by completing the free registration process. In order to complete the free signup, one may visit the website www.sugarbabymeet.com.

About SugarBabyMeet.com

SugarBabyMeet.com is the leading website meant for sugar daddy dating. The site serves as a platform to help mature men and younger girls to develop a loving and mutually-beneficial relationship. The website offers free signup and they have a huge database of men and women who are seeking to foster new loving relationships.

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Why Sugar Babies Looking for Sugar Daddies?

Sugar daddy dating has been stuck around in the public apprehension for quite a long time now. In such a relationship the male person is usually much older than his female counterpart that he finds for physical relationship and dating. These such females are known as sugar babies who are not looking for a long-term relationship, instead are in search of a person who can pay their bills and whom they can have fun with without committing to a serious relationship. Sugar babies are quite often younger than their counterpart sugar daddies, and being so, they tend to add years to their lives. They charge up the lives of their partners with increased level of energy and a highly active lifestyle.
Sugar babies are given incomparable respect by their sugardaddies which they cannot find in a man of their own age. This is because sugar daddies have quite a lot experience in dealing with women and thus they know very well how to deal their sugar babies with respect and honor.
The main perk of becoming a sugar baby is the money. This money is provided by the sugar daddy in form of cash, bills, shopping trips, college tuition or any sort of monetary sort etc. Since sugar daddies are mostly highly rich and well established, they often help their sugar babies to develop their own business, enhance their careers or establishing themselves in a certain way.
Sugar babies are not only there to provide companionship or sexual pleasure but they are also pampered with all the luxurious things their sugar daddies can afford. Besides getting extra cash, sugar babies are often rewarded with expensive jewelry, gifts or most up to date gadgets by their sugar daddies in order to please them fully. Sugar babies get to visit exotic locations and enjoy luxurious travel experiences because of the fact that their sugar daddies can afford such dates and travel.
One of the most famous dating sites is sugarbabymeet.com, here you can find numerous sugar babies who are either already in a relationship or have no interest in indulging in a serious relationship with anyone. This website serves as an amazing medium for young sugar babies and sugar daddies to connect and hook up with each other. Once you get a hold of sugarbabymeet.com the possibilities are endless.
A lot of sugar daddies and sugar babies have already benefited from the ultimate dating experience provided on sugarbabymeet.com. Joining sugarbabymeet.com and seeking arrangement with a lovemaking partner of your dreams will bring you closer than ever before to realizing the lifestyle and benefits enjoyed by thousands of sugar daddies and sugar babies all around the globe.
The best thing about sugarbabymeet.com is that you can sign up for free and once you are registered to the site you can start looking for a sugar daddy immediately. If you're looking for an exciting relationship with no strings attached at all and are willing to boost your dating experience then signup for sugarbabymeet.com today and let the fun begin.

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More And More Sugar Babies Looking For Sugar Daddies

A sugar daddy is a person who can financially and professionally support a female in turn of mutual companionship or in simple words sex. Sugar daddies all around the world are looking for young women who can spend time with them and energize their lives by their presence. Sugar daddies are financially well secure and they make sure that the sugar babies , they are dating, are not financially restricted. Sugar daddies are well aware of the needs of their sugar babies and thus do not hesitate in spending large amounts of money on them.
In today's world sugar daddy dating has gained a huge momentum and has risen up to become mainstream dating that millions of people are attracted to. Sugar daddy dating is more of a mutually beneficial agreement than the common dating so one does not need to worry about dealing with any relationship issues that other common people face. If you want to become a sugar baby yourself you would have to know the needs of your sugar daddy. Being a sugar baby is not easy, if you want to meet rich sugar daddies you would have to work for it and search for one today.
There are many young women out there who are looking for sugar daddies but they do not know where to begin searching for one. Whether you are a young college girl, a divorced woman, a married woman or a single mom you can find the perfect sugar daddy for your needs online. There are many websites that provide sugar daddy dating facility but one has surpassed all these websites in general. That website is sugarbabymeet.com. It is a dating website dedicated solely for the purpose of connecting and bringing together sugar babies and sugar daddies all around the world.
Here on sugarbabymeet.com you can meet the one of your dreams from a large list of sugar daddies across the globe. The best thing about sugarbabymeet.com is that you can sign up for free and once you are registered to the site you can start looking for a sugar daddy immediately. This website provides you with the facility of narrowing down your search by choosing the age, body type, hair color, and location etc of your desired sugar daddy. The benefit of this is that you get to know the sugar daddies long before you commit to meet them in person. This does not only make things easy but simple as well.
This website serves as an amazing medium for young sugar babies and sugar daddies to connect and hook up with each other. Once you get a hold of sugarbabymeet.com the possibilities are endless. The endless list of sugar daddies, each better than the other, will leave you drooling for more.
Don’t hold yourself back, if you wish to meet a sugar daddy take action today and sign up for sugarbabymeet.com. A long list of sugar daddies is waiting for you to check them out. Visit sugarbabymeet.com now and get a chance to win discount packages and many more benefits as you progress.

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Is it the First Choice That Girls Marry Rich Men No Matter in America or China?

The word "girl" has been dissimilated in China. All the unmarried ladies can be called "girl", even if they are more than 30 years old. One of my Chinese girl friends is such a girl. Her mother has strict requirement on her mate. The first requirement is that he must have a house without loan. The girl herself of course also has some requirement on guys. He must be tall and handsome. She was finally left over as time passes by.

Girls in America also marry lately. According to they survey made by "the knot Inc" on 19,000 new couples who married on the year of 2010, the bridegrooms are 31 years old, the brides are 29 years old. The American girls marry on 29 because they have to finish the undergraduate even postgraduate study not due to the “house without loan”. So what’s the spouse choosing criterion of American girls.

They are also such girls who earn moneys depend on youth and beauty. The average-looking girl can earn 3000-5000 dollars per month, almost equal to monthly salary of American young guys. The gorgeous ones ask ten of thousands of dollars per month. The men who are willing to spend moneys to spoil the girls are called "sugar daddy", they are mostly old men. There are also "women seeking men", "men seeking women", "women seeking women", "men seeking men" relationships on American sites and medias. In the relationship of "women seeking men", they are seeking spouse seriously. They claim clearly that no "one night stand", no "mistress seeking", no "friends with benefits". The serious girls are seeking marriage friends. Browsing some of their public profiles, they have quite simple requirements but each have different emphases, such as a generally good man, honesty, a sense of humor is a must, must be no smoker and drug-free, between the age of 28-40, over 5-10 height but no one mentions the house.

The reasons of different spouse choosing criterion was called can be found in the two countries' social background. The extent of men and women equality is much higher than China. In their eyes, men and women should share the responsibility. Everything should be equal. Not like in China, the society has distributed many "should-be" roles to men and women. In America, only one thing is "should-be", men should raise women when they give birth children, the reason is simple, women can't let men give birth children. So men should bear the living cost independently.

It's provided by http://www.sugarbabymeet.com


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What is a Sugar Baby?

A sugar baby is a beautiful young woman who is either searching for or is in a relationship with an elderly man who is mature and mainly rich. In trade for the company of a sugar baby, the older guy supplies her with a monthly allowance, lavish gifts and in some cases a place to live as well.
The top and foremost responsibility of a sugar baby is to be and have fun with her partner. It may sound quite simple but it gets tricky once you know that your sugar daddy has enough money to buy anything in the world and he just wants to spend it with someone beautiful and intelligent. A sugar baby knows her job well so she acts accordingly. She has the ability to take off stress from her partner's mind when she is with him and give him joy when he needs it most. 
Sugar babies are quite often younger than their counterpart sugar daddies, and being so, they tend to add years to their lives. They charge up the lives of their partners with increased level of energy and a highly active lifestyle. Sugar babies provide emotional stability that it takes for their mature partners to excel in either their business or their lives. Without emotional stability you will find yourself straying aimlessly in your life by making bad decisions both personally and professionally.
In the modern era there are unlimited sugar babies seeking lovemaking arrangement with a sugar daddy of their dream. A man who, they know, will keep them in a lifestyle to which they would immediately love to get accustomed to. All sugar babies need from their partners is proper attention and pampering which is subjected to their needs and desires.
If you want to find a sugar baby for yourself there are two options that you have: you can either sit out and wait hoping for a sugar baby to come to you or you can use your resources to your benefit and sign up for sugarbabymeet.com right away. It is an exclusive website which is devoted to hooking up sugar daddies with sugar babies all around the world. You just need to signup on sugarbabymeet.com and start searching for your desired partner right after you signup. There are no additional formalities on this site and all the sugar babies and sugar daddies are authenticated by the site before hand. This site is a perfect platform for the rich and successful men who seek a relationship with young, beautiful and classy sugar babies in the form of college girls, aspiring models or struggling actresses.
A lot of sugar daddies and sugar babies have already benefited from the ultimate dating experience provided on sugarbabymeet.com. Joining sugarbabymeet.com and seeking arrangement with a lovemaking partner of your dreams will bring you closer than ever before to realizing the lifestyle and benefits enjoyed by thousands of sugar daddies and sugar babies all around the globe .So if you're looking for an exciting relationship with no strings attached at all and are willing to boost your dating experience then signup for sugarbabymeet.com today and let the fun begin.

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The Sugar Daddy Scholarship

A sugar daddy website claims college girls are signing up in order to pay off steep loans. Lizzie Crocker reports on the absurd tuition strategy.

Elliot is 45, gainfully employed, lonesome, and looking for a pretty young college girl to spend money on. Ideally he would serve as
her benefactor and mentor; she would express gratitude through sexual favors. At the very least she’d accompany him to dinner on a Saturday night and, if she understood the arrangement, give him a peek of those lace knickers he bought her. If all went well between the sheets, he’d even offer to pay her college tuition.

Elliot is fictional, but there are more than two million men like him registered as “sugar daddies” on the dating website Sugarbabymeet.com, many of whom are seeking out cash-strapped college students. One sugar daddy who goes by the name “Bigbluewolverine” claims to make $500,000 per year as a private equity fund manager, according to his profile, and wants to share this wealth with a destitute student. “With annual university costs where they are how do students these days make ends meet?” he writes, as though attempting to ameliorate the student debt crisis. “I’m here to help.”

"Women hold 60 percent of bachelor degrees and drop out at a lower rate because they are less discouraged by financial burden compared to men," according to promotional material from sugarbabymeet.com. "Nothing is wrong with having the determination to ask for help. Clearly, more female college students are resourceful in achieving their ultimate goal: to graduate with a degree.”

SeekingArrangement founder and CEO Brandon Wade says that female students account for 44 percent of the site’s so-called “sugar babies”—a classed-up euphemism for “gold digger”—who receive an average of $3,000 a month from their sugar daddies (it’s worth noting that none of these figures can be independently verified). Wade says that since the site launched in 2006, the number of female students signing up has grown exponentially, a trend that he links to the economic downturn and rising tuition costs. To test his theory, SeekingArrangement employees recently canvassed schools with the largest percentage of registered sugar babies and polled students on how they would spend their sugar daddies’ cash.

It’s not the type of methodology that would fly at Gallup, but the results were nevertheless surprising, with only small differences between elite universities and lower-tier state schools. “In the case of Arizona State University, more than 60 percent of the students polled said they could see themselves having a sugar daddy,” says Wade. “The numbers are slightly lower at Columbia and NYU, but still significantly higher than we would think.” Sixty-three percent of NYU students and 47 percent of Columbia students made the same admission. Even more surprising is that NYU is number two on SeekingArrangement’s “Top 20 Sugar Baby Schools” list, second only to Georgia State University, with its user base up 61 percent—from 543 students to 861—since the beginning of the year.

But Wade is trying to upend what he sees as the myths of sugar daddydom. “The misconception that the sugar daddy is a 75-year-old man looking to date a younger woman, that’s taking a stereotype and focusing on the extreme cases, but in reality sugar daddies are not that old, and sugar babies are not that young. Average daddy is 39, and average baby is 27,” he said.

And it’s something of a myth too that this is a phenomenon of the Internet age, as evidenced by the abundance of “stripping-through-college” memoirs. Desperate women, desperate for cash is a large part of the fantasy for the sugar daddy. The key to the fetish is that the women aren’t whores but ingénues, with the very real possibility that their love is for sale. But that doesn’t make it any less pathetic.

Indeed, Wade founded the website not with a grand social mission in mind. Strip out the high-mindedness and the reason for SeekingArrangement’s existence is simple. Wade was having trouble getting girls. “Having graduated from MIT with a dual degree, I was having a really tough time dating. On the normal dating sites I was outgamed by guys who had good looks or amazing bodies. My mother always told me to focus on school and study—don’t worry about the women; they will come when you’re successful because then you have the means to be generous,” he told me.

It’s an innovative, if absurd strategy in combating America’s mounting student debt crisis. But women attempting to sleep their way through college will end up feeling more like trophy wives than graduates by the time they collect their diplomas.